Saturday, October 29, 2016

Used to Useful

            The practice of saying things that are only useful, kind, and true did not prove as difficult as I initially thought. Not only was it more natural than anticipated, but the response was surprising and varied from person to person. Between being confused or worried if something was wrong everyone seemed to react differently.
            A lot of people were confused and thought I was acting strange. Usually my manor is playful or teasing, but with the idea of being kind and true in mind it changed. I still was able to communicate with my friends effectively but it seemed like something was missing. My roommates just thought I was acting weird, not used to the lack of commentary. Our resident assistants came in for a talk with my room and said I seemed serious and were worried something was wrong. It was definitely strange a lot of the jokes and humor seemed unnecessary so I refrained from a lot of jokes, and most of my conversations seemed even more genuine and beyond normal small talk than normal.

            My conversations were centered around compliments, assistance, and how my friends were feeling that day. I talked a lot about family, interests, and issues. Through just a small amount of extra kindness, everyone opened up more and was willing to say more about their feelings. I came in thinking it would be another day just with less talking than normal, but it turned out to be a time of bonding and understanding between those around me.

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