Sunday, October 30, 2016

Is it Possible to be Kind, Useful and True?

Going into this second IExamen I was a little more open to the new experiences I was going to have to deal with with the restrictions of being kind, useful, and true.  Before I started my day I thought it was going to be relatively easy because I didn’t think I was unpleasant to others.  I think the words kind, useful and true should be applied to every conversation because it will make each conversation the most beneficial it can be.
The real problem I encountered was that I was relatively kind and true, but my conversations weren’t particularly useful.  When I was talking to my friends I noticed I would add comments or respond to them, but nothing that gave them new information.  While, not all of my conversations were like this I noticed this more with my friends.  It was different in class because I don’t talk much in class, but when I do it is usually to answer a question which follows the kind, useful, and true rule.
It was the same situation online, instagram and facebook, as it was with my friends.  My conversations were useful to some degree, but they were not on caliber with what they should have been.  I noticed online that most things that were talked about didn’t follow the kind, useful and true guidelines.  When I looked back on previous statements or conversations they were all missing something.  This IExamen was much more difficult than I originally thought because it took me a long time to process what I was going to say.
When I told my friends about this assignment they were very confused.  How do you combine three different factors together to be kind, truthful and useful?  My parents on the other hand were laughing because they thought I couldn't even do one of the three things.  They think I’m very sarcastic and couldn’t possibly be kind when I talked to my friends.  I did prove them wrong, but it was harder then I thought, not that I would ever tell them.
While I was open to this IExamen it was still very difficult to be kind, useful and true when having conversations.  This assignment made me take a step back and think about what I was going to say before I did.  This experience opened me up to what is was saying in person and online.  I learned that I should try to make my conversations more meaningful by making them more useful.

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