Monday, October 31, 2016

IExamen 2

Difficult to Say Kind and Useful Things

At first glance, the assignment looks to be easy because I thought that I always said things that were kind, useful, and true. I made it about a quarter of the way through the day before realizing that this assignment was going to be harder than I initially thought. When I woke up, I found it to be honest and kind to my roommates, but once I started to talk to people outside my roommates it became harder to only say things that were useful. I found it easy to say things that were truthful and kind, but I did not know how to go about saying things that were useful. I could not determine if what I was saying was useful. It was quite obvious that I just started to talk less since I thought that most of the things that I planned on saying were not useful. As it got later and I started goofing off with my roommates, it became increasingly difficult to keep my conversation kind. At this time the only thing I found to be easy was to keep everything true.

            When I was at work, a few people came to see me and we were messing around, but I would always hesitate to say something because I wanted to make sure it met the criteria of the assignment. My friends noticed that I was being a little nicer since I tend to be mean. I told them about the assignment and they could not figure out how I made it through the entire day saying only kind things. I told them that it was easy to be kind, but I just do not think about I am saying most of the time so I do not realize that I am being mean until after I have already said it. When I got back from work, it became difficult to say keep myself saying kind, useful, and truthful things because that is when I started goofing off with my roommates.

I did break the rules one time because I forgot about the assignment and I saw an opportunity for a joke about my roommate that could not be passed up. I would not have minded if I broke the rules once, but I said something that went against all three requirements of the assignment. The joke was inappropriate, so I will not say it. I do not think that the joke was truthful in any way. It was not kind at all, my roommate took it very seriously when I said it, but he realized it was a joke after a few minutes. As for the usefulness, I am not sure if it was or not because it was not necessary, but it also made us laugh and that is the idea behind a joke.

            While doing the assignment, I seemed to talk less and was less funny when I asked my friends. They continually asked me if I was alright since I was not talking as much as usual. They also told me that they missed my jokes about making fun of them. I felt better trying to nice to everyone, but I also missed the freedom to say something when it came to mind. I feel that I will try to say things that are kind, but not everything will be kind. I will try to keep saying kind things to strangers; I tend to only be mean with my friends because they know I am joking. As for saying things that are useful, that is going to be much harder, but I will try to say more things that are useful in my mind.

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