Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The struggle between 2 different races and ethnicity

After reading the "Theology", "Tableau" and "Frankenstein", I think that all three literature strike me out when all three writers express their apprehensions on the matter of racial tolerance. The reason is because in China, the entire population is made up of fifty six different ethnic groups and all fifty six ethnic groups show no conflict against one another. Throughout thousands of years in China, the Yuan dynasty was ruled by the Mongols and the Qing dynasty was ruled by the Manchus. There may be discrimination between the Han and the Manchu or Mongols, but it was never a huge problem compare to racism in the United States. Not only China, so does the Israelite and Palestinians. Both ethnic groups are living together peacefully through out the years until western countries started to implant imperialism onto them that eventually created a lot of conflicts between the Israelite and Palestinians in the present day. 
Maybe I digress, but this week's service learning, I actually find it meaningful and extremely joyful. I am working in Don Miller House. Don Miller House is an organization that serves all people that has HIV. Those people needed a lot of help because the society thinks that they are contaminated with filthy viruses. Their friends, families, neighbours all left them alone to take care of themselves. These people, baffled with physical and psychological problems, desperately need help and care. Therefore, Don Miller House offers them shelter and food. All of the workers are volunteered and they are compassionate and loving. I remember my friends' names. They are Don, Ron, Mike, Louisa and Curtis. All of them are extremely affectionate and kind. These beautiful people are left behind by their fellow citizens and I am morose about the situation. Meanwhile I am serving them, I start to think about the words from the poem "Theology". The line "The upward longing of my soul doth tell me so" shows the struggle Paul Laurence Dunbar is facing at that time and it is his positive spirit that let him continue to fight for racial equality. I find that serving and helping others is really difficult. I understand that giving oneself to benefit others is a lost value in this modern society, where profit comes before family and relationships. Through out the service, I found where my own strength lies and I learn how to calm myself and be patient. How to listen to their needs rather than talking for them and how to observe their habits in order to blend into their lifestyle. The more I am dedicated, the more I can see the beautiful picture that Countee Cullen once wrote in the poem of "Tableau". A black boy and a white boy locked their arms together and start to walk. In my case it will be more like a healthy people locked arms with a HIV person. We need more people to show their care and love to them. 
To be honest, throughout my experience in Don Miller House, I actually cannot think of many direct connections to the book of Frankenstein. Frankenstein is such a unique book that inserts such extraordinary feelings into me that is hard to compare these unknown feelings to my affections to those people. All I can think of is that we should treat everyone with love. Unlike Victor, who created a wretch and immediately disown the wretch. I think that these people deserve a second chance and we really need to let them to re-discover the beauty that mother nature has offer them. As a result, I  have to continue to practice my faith to trust them and love them. To put my own pride and identity down and let them take up my heart.It is because the sensation of giving love and be a part of the community is one of the proudest moments I have ever done. In my future days, I will make a step closer to that beautiful vision that a HIV person will lock arms with me and walk together towards peace and serenity.

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