Sunday, October 2, 2016

My Normal Day Seen Differently

              During this iExamen, I noticed a few things about myself that I had never noticed before. I noticed that when I spend time in my dorm alone with my friends and we are watching TV I talk to my roommates a lot and we share a good amount of laughs. But when my roommates and I are not in our room, I find myself having trouble talking with them and other people. I have always known that I was never really an outgoing person, because I just like to respond to people rather than start conversations, but through this exercise I was able to learn that it is not only because I am shy, it is really the comfortability level and the environment I am in, that determines what kind of social person I am. I noticed since today was a Saturday that most people were communicating how they were feeling through the clothes they were wearing. I know that people that were dressed nicely had their parents coming and that tells me that they would be busy for the day spending time with family. Other people who were dressed not so nicely, just wanted to have a lazy Saturday where they just got to sleep in and not do much. What the clothing could not tell me however is how that person is feeling about how their day is going, I do not know if those that are dressed nicely want to spend time with their families unless I ask them, and I do not know if those dressed not so nicely are having a happy or unhappy day, or whether it was a productive or an unproductive day for them. The hour I picked to disconnect was when I had dinner with my team tonight, I was able to connect with all those I ate dinner with so easily because there was never an interruption of having to check my phone or pay attention to something else. I really got to know a lot of things about my teammates that I didn’t already know, and I feel that I grew closer with them because we had each other’s full and undivided attention. We debated hot topic issues and we came to team conclusions on most things. Once I went back to a technological society I realized how much time I waste and the type of people I am ignoring when I am paying attention to technology (my phone specifically). On Saturday we also had our first meet so it was interesting to see how my teammates and myself responded to each other in a stressed environment, it was exciting to get encouraged from them and fun at the same time to get to know what kind of people they are during a meet. My expectation for this examination was that I was going to see my whole day the exact way that I see every other day, just normal. But once I got into examining situations as they were happening I noticed that I did not always treat people the way I want to treat them, or the way I want them to perceive me treating them. I think this realization ended with me having a very nice dinner with my parents and my brother and showed me how much I really miss them and how I should treat them better than I do now. I am definitely going to call my parents more often than I did before.

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