Sunday, October 2, 2016

A Day of New Surprises

Going into this assignment I was very skeptical that I would notice any major changes, if any, in the way I communicate with people.  I was under the assumption that phones and social media didn’t effect my everyday life.  When I woke up for my day of observations I noticed my roommate and I didn’t speak to each other nearly as much as I thought.  From the time we woke up from our alarms to the time we went to breakfast we barely spoke a couple of sentences.  We both have come to understand that this is our weekend routine and we communicate that event without words after only a couple of weeks living together.
As I was walking past people throughout my day after breakfast I noticed a distinct difference between two different types of people.  There were people walking at slow paces talking with large groups of their friends.  These people appeared more open to conversation with their arms around their friends and using a lot of hand motions.  The other group of people had headphones in, walking very fast and had their arms at their sides or crossed.  These people gave off a very closed greeting to others and after I observed that I noticed I was also doing that.  I hadn’t even realized that the way I was showing myself made it appear that I didn’t want to talk to others.
As I was looking at communicating with others by text and email I noticed that my texts, while still being able to communicate what I wanted to say, didn’t have the personal touch that an in person conversation has.  When my mom and I were texting through the day only the exact answer to each question was answered without it really being a meaningful conversation.  However when we met up later in the day and we were face to face the conversation had more emotion attached to it and the body language we connected more.  I think the best type of communication is in person with texting being the best alternative.
For the hour without my electronic communication I sat in the common room in my building a read a book.  The time went quickly and people I know would say a quick “hello”.  When the hour was over I noticed that I waste a lot of time on my phone and could easily blow off an hour of homework doing nothing on my phone.  Communication can appear to be simpler with technology, but after my experience of observing people all day I think it is better to communicate face to face.

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