Monday, October 3, 2016

Connecting with those with you

I can honestly say that I’ve never participated in activity/essay that enjoyed more then this one, I’m often relatively blunt and feel no need to sugar coat things, hopefully you got this vibe from how I conducted my presentation on Robert Frost.  I decided to choose Friday as my day analyze myself because of the wide variety of people I knew I would come across, due to the fact that I only had three classes that day and no tennis practice so I had time to interact with my friends and girlfriend.  

To start off I find this activity extremely similar to an activity I did in professor Leder’s class where I had to analyze where the source of my emotional reactions were coming from in order to get a better understanding as to what cause me to react certain ways and get a better understanding of myself.  I started the practice of self-analyzation in my senior year of high school because I felt that it removed a lot of anger from my life and gave me a better understanding as to why I said and did certain things.  I generally don’t use digital interactions because I feel like they interfere with genuine human connection.  I mostly use digital forms of communication incredibly brief and to setup actual meet ups with people. 

I’ve realized as a result of this how much of life can be missed by choosing to look down at something that most likely does not matter.  Instead you should face things, and look for reasons as to why people communicate the way they do or how communication can brighten a persons day.  Instead of filling those 20 seconds of boredom by looking ay your phone, that time can be filled with connection to other people or a better understanding of why people act the way the do.  It was an incredibly insightful experience.  Also watching your words is a great thing to do because if you don’t fully understand why you’re saying something then maybe you shouldn’t say it.

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