Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Kind, Useful, and True- Sort of (iExamen 2)

Kind, Useful, and True- Sort of
            As I read through the description for the iExamen 2, I felt my mind blow. Kind, useful, AND true, I don’t think so. But, in hope, and because it was an assignment, I tried anyway. Usually when I wake up, I wake up early and go through my whole routine to get ready for the day and this typically happens before my room mates are awake, even though we have the same time classes and practice in the morning. So it is generally easy in the morning to keep my mouth shut since everyone tends to go their own ways in the morning. However, on the way to practice, we chat a bit more. I try my best to say positive things, especially since I was really focused on it, and I made it through the walk to the locker room. A few times along the way and once I got to the locker room I had to bite my tongue in order to not say something that would break the rules.
            A few minutes later it was up to practice and that is where things seemed to fall apart. In practice we are suppose to be supportive, which falls under the categories, but also be critical of each other in order to fix mistakes and not let them happen again. I found myself yelling at people to go for a ball and things of that nature, which did not necessarily fall under the kind category. Then I had to go to lunch, where I had limited encounter with people since our team scattered after practice and lift in order to get to classes and shower. This was a nice break from trying to figure my way around the rules. As that time seemingly flew by, it was time for class. I had Italian first and we were working in groups, this also did not go well for me. Italian comes very naturally to me since my family was born there and we are all pretty fluent or at least have a very good understanding, so working in groups was not good for me with this exercise because I was probably not as kind as I could have been to the people that could not understand certain things. My next class went well and I did not have many problems since I did not have to talk much. I thought I had done a very good job so far.
            I went home and FaceTimed my boyfriend and tried to be very happy and follow the rules the whole time, and I think I did for the most part. Then I had to talk to my mom, I am going through a situation right now so I snapped at her a few times when we spoke, which I tried to convince myself was an acceptation to the rules because of the situation.
            Overall, I think I did a better job than I thought I was going to. By no means did I accomplish following all 3 rules all day, but I did more than I usually do. As stated in my iExamen 1, I am a very sassy person. Therefore, this was especially difficult for me because I wasn’t able to use my sassy comments because that would be in violation of the rules. I think that by trying to do this everyday and keeping a positive, happy attitude, it makes your mood and everything better as a whole. I felt held back during the day by not being able to say everything that I wanted to or seemingly needed to, but I did feel more positive. I’m not sure if I would be able to do this everyday because it was actually very difficult, but if it were something that came naturally, I think it would be extremely beneficial. My mom always tells me to try to be more positive with people and socialize more so when I told her about this experiment she was extremely excited. She was probably not as excited at the fact that I couldn’t fully do it, but hey, I tried.

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