Sunday, October 23, 2016


This past week I decided to go to the fire and ice event hosted by SGA.  It was a very enjoyable event with tons a food and a movie to boot.  It was pretty simple event that was just a lot of fun.  I was able to meet up with most of my friends I hadn't really seen yet this year, in large part because this was the first weekend without travel this year.

Without a doubt my favorite reading that was due today was Theology, just because I always enjoy a bit of humor, at least that is how I read the poetry.  To begin a poem by stating that you are certain that there is a heaven is a bold start, especially if the reason that the belief in heaven is because your spirit is being pulled to it.  I immediately assumed that this person was incredibly self righteous.  However, as I finished the poem, I thought that the speaker was being satirical because the speaker finished the poem with the statement that hell must exist because his neighbors must go somewhere.  Now if this was not written satirically then this is without a person that takes too much pleasure in judging his neighbors.

I don't see much of a connection with theology and the rest of readings today, because Theology ay be my favorite reading its mostly because it panders to my sense of humor.  Tableau, is a beautifully simplistic poem about segregation and showing how simple things and create the greatest solutions for problems.  With the simplicity of holding hands between two children causes the greatest stir, as the "dark and light folk" watch from the side of the road in awe and anger that the action is occuring.  As the poem comes to a close the action is equated to lightning which is an instantaneous thing and then thunder which echoes out in all direction.

Frankenstein is the first new novel I've read in a while, and I greatly enjoyed how the book was opened with a series of letters explaining the brothers situation, I thought it was a good way for the author to throw the reader right into the middle of a very eventful situation.  To continue by going back and tracking Frankensteins life was brilliant.  It was a good setup and I'm interested where the story continues to snake.  With frankensteins monster coming about being very interesting.

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