Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Gentle Reminder

Coming into this assignment I am excited because doing these three things are my way of life. My parents have been very close to me as I have worked my way to being confident that I am kind, helpful, and useful. This activity will be an interesting test to something I take very seriously.
I noticed that even though I was expecting to be acting similar to how I usually do, that was not the case. I honestly am making an effort every day to be the person that this activity asks for. My dad has helped me to want that lifestyle. However, when I made it an even more conscious effort, I was now proactive about my kindness, truthfulness, and usefulness. I went out of my way, as opposed to responding with a positive reaction. Self-observation is important but excessively is not. I know this to be true based on my constant attention to others, but when I strained myself as I did the activity I noticed I was trying very hard just to do things, that other people could take care of for themselves.
The way I usually communicate became obviously sub-par to my supposed standard. My good morals need to be tested and considered  throughout the day, and not just used absentmindedly. I think I realized that I have been slacking a bit, luckily that is no problem because I have seen how quickly I can get back in a good habit.
I found it funny because my friends really seemed to be hard-pressed doing things they used to be fine doing. Let us just say they were happy to let me do their work when they knew what I had to do. I was taken advantage of. It was honestly quite funny because it wasn’t that straining but the pattern was funny to recognize.
This style of living helps because people became much more receptive when you show that you are catering to them. Physical attention morphs into mental and spiritual attention easily and is fascinating to receive.

My mom knows about how I try to live and she is very happy about it. So I would not say it was anything really comical, but in good heart. 

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