Monday, October 31, 2016

The Need to Act Nice

Going into this iExamin I thought that it was not going to be too hard because I think of myself as a generally nice person and I feel that other people see me this way as well. I did not expect much to change as my behavior or the way that people saw and responded to me. I did notice as the day went on that it became increasingly hard to make jokes and have normal conversations with friends because of the fact that for the most part, negativity is what starts conversations. There were a lot of times where I did not have to force myself to be nice and kind, but there were other times when it really was a struggle because what I have been doing with those people became a level of comfort that shouldn’t be. We should always be kind to others, no matter whether we are joking or not. Whether the person can hear us or not as well. I noticed that my group of friends never really takes time to take into account how a person’s day is going, we can say that they might just be, being lazy or that they are always grumpy, but we never take the time to ask why these things are, and if we can help to change them. I went home for dinner with my family as well, and I think that’s when things were a little less strange, I feel that most of us have a filter for who we are when we are with our family as compared to when we are with our friends. My attitude completely changed once I saw this, I noticed that it was not right for me to be acting the way I do with my “friends” if my family has different ideas for what is appropriate. I should treat everyone the way that I treat my family because I feel that is when I am at my best. I put friends in quotations, because through this I am realizing that, I am not sure if these are the people that I should be friends with or not. I do not know whether the people I am associated with are the type of people that I want to be associated with and that may change in the near future. Overall I feel that if we are all nicer people and act the way that we should instead of focusing on the negative in people, the world would be a better place because there would be less of a need to have to act mean and more of a need to act nice, especially when you are trying to fit in.

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