Monday, October 24, 2016

The Choices We Make

The novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, “Tableau” by Countee Cullen and “Theology” by Paul Laurence Dunbar all share the theme of how human choices affect the greater good.  In Frankenstein a man named Captain Robert Walton finds another man named Victor Frankenstein who proceeds to tell him his life story.  Growing up Victor had a good live and went to college to learn about anatomy and alchemy.  Victor Frankenstein had created a monster and has spend most of his life trying to find it.  Victor explains that his monster has even killed his brother.  Victor’s choice to make his monster resulted in the death of a loved one and it could possibly kill others.
The poem “Tableau” by Countee Cullen talks about the segregation of black and white people.  Countee Cullen uses phrases like “locked arm in arm” and “in unison to walk” to show the hope he has that the two races will be equal some day.  Countee Cullen show the human choice to embrace to idea of equality.  Equality for everyone is an idea that was for the greater good.
The poem “Theology” talks about how the narrator is saying there is both a heaven and a hell.  He knows that there is a heaven because his soul longs to be there everyday.  For a bit of humor the narrator knows there is a hell because that's where his neighbors are going when they die.  It is a human choice to believe in a heaven and hell.  The narrator is saying that religion is for the greater good.

For my event this week I went to the Foreign Policy Forum and Debate Watching Event by the Global Studies department.  Three professors discussed what issues that they felt were important.  Dr. Lynch felt strongly about the candidates stances on military aggression, Dr. Mendez wanted to discuss immigration and Dr. Vala talked about open policy issues.  All of the professors made great points, but these topics really weren’t talked about in the debate.  This also shows human choices in the way we are going to vote in the election.  The way we vote will affect the entire country and the greater good of everyone who is living here and other countries.

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