Sunday, November 20, 2016

The End

The last session of the Pipeline soccer camp was interesting in a lot of ways. Going in I knew this was the last session, which was a bit emotional. It has been a pleasure to help out these kids during the fall. I have developed a lot personally because helping kids with disabilities is very giving and you learn how to handle things in a different. Also I hope the kids have grown a lot after this experience that they have had with the Pipeline soccer camp.

Coming back one last time was a bit sad. Working with the kids for a while has been super interesting and giving. Seeing them develop on the soccer pitch has been a pleasure, but more importantly seeing how their awareness and their listening skills have increased. In the beginning of the fall the kids was all over the place. The instructors that we sort of supervised have grown a lot and they deserve a lot of respect for the time they have put into this service. These young instructors who are between 13-16 years old have handle the situation amazingly and in the way they have teach the kids is impressive. So overall everyone who has been apart of this camp should have credit but especially Pipeline soccer club who made this a reality.

Moving on, you noticed that the cold had finally arrived to Baltimore. Going from mostly beautiful sunny evenings to a more chilly and dark evening had put its marks. The kids look tired and most of them were dressed up like the winter was soon about to hit. The kids started running around and the mood quickly changed from negative to positive. The smiles that we have got to know during this fall was back, which naturally spread to all the instructors and myself. Seeing them running around smiling reminded me of my former job back home in Sweden, where I worked with kids with Down syndrome. Their happiness is like a virus that spreads quickly and makes everyone in their surroundings happy. The beauty about it is that it is so genuine. These kids go through a hard life but they still manage to always have a smile on their face, and that is amazing.
Since it was the last practice full size game was on the line. Seeing how they have developed some sort of soccer skills was exciting to see in the match. Going from not really been able to kick the soccer ball to know how to kick a soccer ball was really fun to see. The teamwork was another thing that was fun to see. Going from just running and doing stuff by yourself, to actually playing more like a team was impressive from these kids and it really shows how fast kids, no matter who they are, can develop different sorts of skills.

William Shakespeare and The Twelfth Night was something new to me. Before this assignment about reading the book I obviously knew about William Shakespeare and some of his famous work. However I have never really read anything of his work. The Twelfth Night is different form other books, which I found out very quickly. The book is a play and a comedic one. The first 10 pages of the book it reminded me a lot about Monty Python and sit-coms. People walking in and out, the same scene is happening at the same location and the different characters.

For me one of the largest outtakes from the first two acts was the gender part. One of the main characters named Viola is disguised as a male named Cesario. This was pretty hilarious and it shows the comedic part of the play. The people are clueless and no one knows he is a she. However taking this into a perspective and applying it to real life, it has become more common thing. In our community and society today people change gender and it has gained more attention every since former Olympian Bruce Jenner decided to become a woman named Caitlyn Jenner. After this she has been attacked for making this choice and it just shows that our society in general is built upon too much hate.
Another thing I connected the disguise to, is that in Iran women are not allowed to go watch soccer. This is obviously a horrible thing and needs to be changed. Since women obviously are interested in the sport they disguise themselves as males and goes to the game.
So the disguise by Viola is comedic but at the same time, there is some seriousness that could be found.

Love is something that plays a big part in The Twelfth Night. I find all the love letters amusing. It reminds me of back home when I was around ten years old and cellphones was not really a thing yet. People in my class, myself included, sent these different love letters or notes to each other, which was fun. However, today I do not know it that is a thing anymore because of cellphones. A thing Shakespeare does really well in the play is parental love, unconditional love, and lust. Sebastian shows parental love in his quest to find his sister, Viola shows unconditional love by dressing up as a boy to see the Duke and Duke Orsino shows lust because of his need for Olivia.

The first three acts of The Twelfth Night were interesting. In the beginning I found it pretty hard to understand, but eventually when I got a grip I found it interesting. It will be fun to continue read it and I know I need to pay extra attention because of my presentation.

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