Sunday, November 20, 2016

Lovesick for Journalism

Jenna Dertouzos
Understanding Literature
Dr. Ellis
November 21, 2016
Lovesick for Journalism
Los Angeles Times news correspondent and Loyola University Maryland alumni, Mike Memoli is without a doubt, lovesick for journalism. Starting out as a publisher in “The Greyhound” in college, onto a writing internship in Washington, D.C. which then brought him to NBC and onward to the LA Times, Memoli has done nothing but continue to shine through as a fantastic journalist. Memoli became so dedicated to his job that when he was working in NBC, he worked to gain “embedded coverage” from political figure, Hillary Clinton in 2008; this meant basically putting his life on hold, to follow Hillary Clinton around the first time she ran for President, to not only take notes on her in public, but behind the scenes. Memoli would interview her while her and her team were travelling by plane, train or bus, from state to state trying to campaign. Mike Memoli was part of the campaign, all for a storyline. He was so dedicated to NBC that he would travel day in and day out to record great nuggets of information from Clinton herself, about the campaign, in order to show the world how great she was. In current time, Memoli works for the Los Angeles Times, and is now following Hilary Clinton as a journalist as she runs for President yet again in the 2016 election. As the journalist compared Clinton from eight years ago, to today, he noted that Clinton speaks to him and the other journalists covering her, a little more informally, and he added that the group had really gotten to know the “real Hillary Clinton” during this time around.
All in all, Memoli dedicates his time, with his life closely tied to the Clinton Campaign, constantly updating his Twitter status, and even adding important political events to the LA Times Snapchat account. In his years as a journalist he has grown with the social media, and continued to make his love for journalism known. Mike Memoli will do just about anything, for a good headline; even as much as putting his life on hold, to follow Hillary Clinton around, to get the very first insights of news. After reading Act I and Act I of Twelfth Night, I could not help but compare Orsino to Mike Memoli. The love that Orsino has for Lady Olivia seems to be obsessive to the point where every conversation he has in the play so far, seems to go back to his lovesickness. It is crazy to believe that Orsino has only really seen Olivia one time, and this dream that they are in love and a fantasy of a marriage blinds him from anything else in his world. Orsino dedicates his entire self to being in love with Lady Olivia, just like Mike Memoli is overly loyal to his dream job as a journalist.

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