Monday, November 21, 2016

Blog 11/21

Not Getting Any Say
For my event, I went to a discussion about the results of the election. Many of the students there were upset with the results and were not accepting Trump as their president. I was indifferent; I was leaning towards Trump, but it did not matter to me since I did not like either candidate very much. I would have preferred the independent candidate, Gary Johnson, but I knew that it would only be a battle between the two major parties. Students could not believe that people would actually vote for Trump and they were judging those who did. My roommate was not at the discussion, but we were watching the election and as Trump took the lead, he said that anyone who voted for Trump had to be an idiot. He said this because he thinks that anyone who voted for him was convinced that Trump was going to do everything that he says he will. My roommate is certain that Trump will do none of the things he claimed and try to ruin America. I also know people who think the opposite. They think that Clinton is a liar and will ruin America. There are so many different views and the discussion made that clear to me. It also showed me that politics is a huge deal to some people and that they actually really care about the country they live in.
            In Twelfth Night, when Viola tries to express the Duke’s love for Olivia, Olivia denies it and almost ignores it completely. It reminds me of Trump in all the presidential debates. He would say that everything Clinton said was wrong and would ignore any kind of explanation that she tried to give. Everything that Viola tried to say Olivia turned it away. Before Viola even got to say her speech, Olivia thought that she was a comedian. She did not take Viola serious just like Trump did not take Clinton or any other candidate seriously. During the primaries, Trump would laugh at what many other candidates proposed, then just say it was untrue or that it was stupid. He gave no consideration to other candidates like Olivia is doing to Viola. Viola says “Lady, you are the cruell’st she alive,” (14) because Olivia has a comeback for everything she says and is not letting her give the speech she was sent for. I think this is why many people hate Trump and think that he is deceiving his voters. He seemed like a terrible person and candidate during the debates, but many of his proposals were compelling.

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