Sunday, November 20, 2016

12th Night

In this reading there was a strong connection between identity and feeling comfortable with who you are. This connects to my experience today taking pubic transportation to the Walters Art Museum. A city bus is like the glue that pulls together everyone in the city, anyone can take it. On the bus you see and meet citizens from your community you may never have crossed paths with otherwise. When everyone is all together it is easy to judge and compare yourself to others. But it is important to not do that and love everyone for who they are, whether they are different or similar to you as a person. Identity is important but also irrelevant at the same time. It is important to each individual to love their identity no matter what others think, but it should not matter to you how other people live their lives. 
Viola referred to herself as a poor monster in Act 2, scene 2. This implies she think she is ugly and in-between a man and a woman. This self-hate is unfortunate because she is condemning herself. Being comfortable in your own identity is a major theme in the play and my experience today on the city bus. Identity is also very relevant to today's society. Depending on what you identify as is important to our generation specifically. A lot of progress is being made in accepting everyone as a whole, and being "different" is less "different". Basically, acceptance is more normal than not accepting people for who they are. Obviously, accepting everyone for who they are is our role and job as citizens in this community. Society is based on social norms and a certain order. 

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