Sunday, November 20, 2016

Not Similar, but Informative

This week I attended an event hosted by the theology department.  Dr. Susan K. Wood, SCL, Phd, Professor of Systematic Theology at Marquette University gave a lecture on Lutheran-Catholic Efforts to Achieve Unity: What’s at Stake?  With the upcoming 500th anniversary of the Reformation how are we going to celebrate?  Dr. Susan Wood gave some backstory on the fight between the Catholics and the Lutherans.  The Catholics thought the Reformation was dividing the church, while the Lutherans felt that it was an opportunity for change.  500 years later we are still trying to figure out if we should celebrate the Reformation or do we repent?
I felt that Shakespeare's Twelfth Night was very similar to Shakespeare's other work Two Gentlemen in Verona.  Both plays have love triangles and a little bit of cross dressing done by female characters.  Duke Orsino is madly in love with Lady Olivia, but she doesn’t share his feelings and wishes he would just go away.  Viola, who is disguised as Cesario, goes to Olivia’s house to present Orsino’s love.  When Viola visits Olivia, Olivia falls in love with Cesario, but Viola is in love with Orsino.  Everyone is the first two acts of the play are confused and in love.  
I don't really think my event this week and the play have much in common, but I really enjoyed them both.  I had not heard of the the Reformation before the event and was interested in learning about how it came to be and how we have dealt with it for the past 500 years.  I believe that we should celebrate how far we have come and accepted our differences.  I greatly enjoyed the play and am actually half way into the third act because I had to find out what happened.  Shakespeare's stories tend to be similar, but there is always a twist that makes the reader not want to put the book down.

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