Monday, September 19, 2016

Service Analysis 1

After looking through the different options for service learning, I have decided to chose the Tunbridge Public Charter School. I decided that I would enjoy working with younger kids rather than people closer to my own age. I have always had an interest in teaching, as well as a love for being around children. I believe doing this will make a difference in these kid’s life. I also think doing this will change me as a person as a whole. I think I am going to be able to create a strong bond with these young children and become a mentor to them over the next couple weeks.
As a student at a Jesuit University, I have never fully understood the meaning of a Jesuit education. As I began my sophomore year at Loyola University, I hope to continue to explore my understanding of a Jesuit education. Through service learning I believe I am going to expand my knowledge of what it means to have one. The one statement that has stuck with me since I started here is that Jesuits look at the person as a whole. Kolvenbach expresses this by saying, “For four hundred and fifty years, Jesuit education has sought to educate “the whole person” intellectually and professionally, psychologically, morally and spiritually,” (Kolvenback, 34). Its not just based on how well you do in your classes but rather its beyond what you do in the classroom. After reading Kolvenbach, it became more clear to me the purpose of Jesuit institutions is to bring justice to the injustice parts of the world. As stated, “Such is the world in which Jesuit institutions of higher education are called to serve faith and promote justice,” (Kolvenbach, 33).

I believe by doing service learning it is going to change me as a whole person. I am removing myself from my own little bubble on Loyola’s campus and going into the real world outside of my bubble. I also think this is going to open a new beginning to getting involved in other types of service not only in Baltimore but when I go back home for breaks. This is going to to shape my future in many ways. I am truly excited to be apart of something that holds so strong to our Loyola education. I hope to make a large impact on these children at the Tunbridge School.

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