Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Analysis 1: A little late but better then never

Unfortunately I couldn't go to any events these past two weeks due to my schedule along with some poor prior planning on my part.  I've only been to a handful of events that has sponsored  because of my somewhat busy schedule between being on a team and working to maintain good grades in school.  The most recent event I can remember was one about reparations for slavery slavery but that was back during freshman year.

I found the initial reading regarding the jesuit education very interesting for 2 different reasons.  The first being the modern history behind the jesuit education goals. Normally when reading about a groups history you get an account up until the 1960s and then you miss what happened between then and now.  The reading explains how the direction of the schools took twists and turns regarding how they were going to teach, what they were going to teach, and their overall message.  The new shift to justice was the other very interesting thing definitely regarding everything that is currently going on within our country, and will probably stay a hot topic of conversation as our country continues to grow.  I feel as though justice is a common theme with college age people as they are most likely to try and create change.  For instance I feel as though college age people are most involved in protests, asking for equality and creating change.

"Mending Wall" is the first poem I've ever forced to analyze by myself and then been graded on.  I feel as though I've learned a lot from the experience.  The poem attempts to show how unnatural barriers are between humans but how willing we are as people to create them between one another.  It deals with how even when realizing these barriers separating us are unneeded we still love using them.

"Accident, Mass. Ave" gives a personnel look as to how society as a whole shapes our actions removing a rational thought as to what should actually be occurring.  In the poem if both parties had just stepped back and analyzed the situation, the argument never would've taken place, leaving both parties much less stressed.  The poem also points out how little people try to look at a situation from someone else's perspective, it is just immediately assumed the other person is in the wrong without actually looking at how all parties are affected.

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